TRAC3 at ECPR Montreal 2015



The European Consortium for Political Research will hold its 2015 annual conference at the Université de Montréal, 26-29 August. TRAC3 will present it’s latest research on “Administrative traditions and the formation of climate change adaptation policy” during the Perspectives on Environmental Regulation panel. For more information on registration and the academic program visit the ECPR Montreal 2015 website.

Presenter: Dr. Robbert Biesbroek

Authors: Dr. Robbert Biesbroek, Dr. James Ford, Martinus Vink

ABSTRACT: Climate change risk has forced countries across the globe to formulate and implement adaptation policies, create new legislation, install interdepartmental committees, and commissioning new research, amongst other things. Comparative public administration hypothesizes that the formation of such new policies is considerably influenced by the administrative tradition of the respective country.

This paper aims to test empirically if and how much influence administrative traditions have on the formation of adaptation policy. Building on the works of amongst others Painter and Peters, Howlett, and Pollit and Bouckaert we develop a classification of administrative traditions using 8 structural and behavioral criteria.

We construct a database of how 35 industrialised and transition countries are adapting which allows us to quantitatively test the influence of different administrative traditions. We discuss the observed distance between the administrative tradition and adaptation policy, possible convergence mechanisms, and the implications for on the ground implementation.