TRAC3 to present latest research to Ouranos

logo ouranosTRAC3 and CCARG members Dr. James Ford, Dr. Lea Berrang-Ford, Malcolm Araos, Stephanie Austin, Melanie Flynn and Jolène Labbé will be presenting their research on adaptation tracking to the Ouranos consortium in Montreal ( Wednesday April 8th.

Dr. Lea Berrang-Ford will discuss the questions “Are we adapting to climate change?”, “Can we track adaptation?” and “What does adaptation ‘look’ like?”. Malcolm Araos and Stephanie Austin will discuss their research tracking adaptation in urban areas globally and in the health sector in Canadian jurisdictions. Melanie Flynn and Jolène Labbé will present their upcoming research projects on adaptation to climate change in Nunavut.

Ouranos (, a consortium on regional climatology and adaptation to climate change, was created in 2001 as a joint initiative by the Quebec government, Hydro-Québec and Environment Canada, with the financial support of Valorisation-Recherche-Québec. Their vision is to provide Quebec and all of Canada with an organization capable of meshing climate science with the adaptation needs of society.